Saturday, October 23

I haven't disappeared

Just been really busy since Norah finally came home from the hospital after 2 WEEKS. Sheesh.

Right now we're still waiting on the next document from China, celebrating Will's 6th birthday (pictures to follow), administering meds in a PICC line three times a day, celebrating an anniversary, and finishing up a soccer season. October is always our craziest month!!

I'll be back soon. ;)

Friday, October 1

Log In Date!!!

Exciting news! We have a log in date - September 20, 2010!!!

One step closer to Eli. Not much longer now, kiddo! We're working hard to get to you!!

We're now waiting for our LOA which could come 4-6 weeks after the Log in Date (LID). Then another 6-8 weeks for travel approval, and of course, we're in holiday season, both here and in China. So, we're looking at February, though we'll take something sooner, of course. ;)