Monday, May 17

slowing down the pace

Yesterday was one of those days.

More of a race than a day off.

More arguing than playing.

More crying than laughing.

Sometimes, on these days, I stop and wonder what is wrong. How I will ever add another child to this family and make it all work. I sat down to pray. This morning, two messages appeared in my email inbox, an answer to my overwhelmed prayer.

The first was from the ScreamFree Institute.

The second was from this blog, Indie Tutes via a friend's facebook page.

The laundry, well, it will have to be done. The bills paid, the children fed. It all must be done. But there is no prize for having the dishes done the same day they were dirtied, or having homemade cookies instead of store bought, or having the toys separated into colour coded baskets. -Indie Tutes


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