Tuesday, December 29

Look what Will can do!

(and ignore the very excited mom in the background, please, because I sound like a total dork)

There are so many things he can do that I never thought possible. Recently, someone wondered what his future would be like. I am certain that I have no idea. Clearly, Will isn't like the other kids his age. I believe these little surprises are God's way of telling us to enjoy the moment and not try to search for the crystal ball.


  1. That is sooo awesome Heather! Tell Will Patrick liked watching his video and he thought it was great too. We miss you guys. Hope you had a great Christmas. Tell everyone we said hi.

  2. Ahhhh!!! Go Will!!!!

    Heather that is awsome - and your note is exactly the reminder i needed today. Having spent alot of time 'wondering what lies ahead' now and then i need the kick in the butt to stop and relish in what we have right here and now.
    thank you...

    And keep it up Will!!! :)