Thursday, December 31

My baby girl is almost 2

I can't believe it. While I was on a blog vacation during the holidays, we celebrated one year of being a forever family. A year. Crazy stuff.

Last night we had her two year old pictures taken while I still had daddy home to help me. She was hilarious. In true Norah fashion, she went stone faced while this stranger tried to position her, make her smile and pose her. Just as she did to us in Vietnam and just as she continues to do when faced with people she is unfamiliar with, she goes motionless. (which is even more hilarious if you know her true personality)

The photographer: "Can you smile?"

Norah, not moving: "no"

Photog: "Can you say monkey?"

Norah, not moving: "no"

Photog: "Can you blow the duck off of my head?"

Norah: "no"

Photog: "where are your teeth? You have teeth, right? Show me your teeth."

Norah: "no"

Somehow, at some point, we changed her position, and I held her for a minute. After that, she turned on the "Norah charm" and performed with every picture. :)

Pretty easy photo session, all in all. I forgot what easy photo sessions were like!

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  1. She has grown so much!!! Love the pictures - she's adorable!