Friday, January 1

one little word

I was reading through blogs today, as I sometimes do to relax, and came across Ali's blog, where she discusses choosing one word to focus on over the course of a year. Immediately I became intrigued with this idea since most New Year's Resolutions drift away after a short month or two.

This year, the word I have chosen to focus on all year is contented. A definition I found online states that contented means "feeling or showing satisfaction with one's situation."

Too often I find myself worrying about Will and his needs. Whether I'm doing enough, whether I'm doing too much. How am I going to get him to sleep? How will we keep him healthy? Is he getting enough therapy? Should I be scheduling time at home to work on this issue? Or that one? Not to mention the thoughts about the girls, the house, my job, my marriage, our budget, and how I'm going to keep all of the balls I'm juggling in the air.

So I've decided once and for all - 2010 is the year of contented. I'm looking forward to focusing on it. I encourage all of you to choose a word to focus on. Sure, I'm still resolving to be healthier and to possibly lose some weight. But if I do my best and still don't make it to the size I think my body should be, I'm going to practice being contented.

What will your focus be this year?

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  1. Love the idea. I chose laugh. Trying to remember to think about the funny moment, or see the funny part of the situation. Thanks for the idea.