Wednesday, January 27

Faith, plain and simple

Oh, how I spent the last few years agonizing over where I was going to send Will for school. We live in a large city public school system, and while it gets its fair share of criticism from outsiders, it has some really nice schools. The school where Caroline goes is wonderful! I couldn't ask for a better school, and that says something, because I've been in a lot of schools over the past ten years thanks to a past career choice.

That said, the schools that we were choosing from for Will at this stage in his life were not as exciting. From the time we made the decision to stay in our neighborhood and in our school district, my husband has had faith that we would find an appropriate school for Will. My type A, controlling personality had doubts. Serious doubts.

However, in the end, it has been a lesson to trust God (not to mention my husband!) who led us to a perfect school for Will. This morning as I picked him up, I was reminded of how patience and simple faith need to play a bigger part in my everyday life.

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