Wednesday, January 13

Updates and a book recommendation

Things have been super busy in our house. Will began his new school on January 5th. He now attends a half day ABA program designed for children with autism. He had already been getting 3 hours/week of after school therapy when he was at his other preschool, but now he'll be there every morning for 3 hours! I can not wait to see the changes it brings. After working with him at home, clearly, it is a great method for him.

Caroline started back to first grade. I can not express how much I enjoy her these days. I realized the other day that although I love watching the kids grow and learn, having a seven year old is so much fun! She can do so much now that she is a bit older, and it is loads of fun taking her places and having conversations with her. Recently we decided to check some books about having a sibling with special needs. One of the books we checked out of the library was this one. It has sparked some really great conversations in our house. All of a sudden, Caroline "gets it". For now, things are no different than they were yesterday to her, but now, they are more clearly defined. I have been blessed with a very compassionate child, and really, I couldn't ask for anything more.

Norah is doing well. She turned two and enjoyed her birthday. Pictures to come! We plan on having a small gathering where we attempt to cook Vietnamese food. We'll see how that goes. In the meantime, we've been having fun with her. I've said to many that Norah has been a huge part of my healing process since Will's birth and diagnosis.

I hope to be back blogging on a regular basis soon. I've enjoyed some much needed time off, and honestly, I had to decide if I was meant to continue the blog or not, but for now, I think I will. As I've said before, it is theraputic for me. As long as it continues to be this way, I will be here!

On a different topic - does anyone else have recommendations for good books to read with siblings? I think Caroline and Norah would enjoy more....

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