Friday, January 15

It takes a village... raise a child.

While I think this statement is true for all children, when you have a child with special needs, suddenly you are taught to depend on others, even if this does not come naturally. Of all of the lessons I've learned in the short five years Will has been alive, this has been the most difficult to accept and put into practice. Because I can do it all, or so I'd like to believe.

Along with leaning into others, I've learned to lean into God. My faith is not something I've talked about greatly on this blog, but you should know it plays a very big part in our lives and a HUGE part in the journey we've been on since Will entered our lives.

This past week, this showed up on my doorstep. Will takes one pill a day for his mitochondrial dysfunction. In case you can't see it on the bottle, there are 500 pills in there. Enough for a year and a half. CoQ10 isn't covered by insurance, and it surely isn't cheap.

My sister-in-law, who also happens to have a child with special needs, has a career that has allowed her to help families find resources for out-of-pocket expenses. The CoQ10 was paid for by a non-profit called Patches of Light which was facilitated by my sister-in-law and another of her coworkers. Check out their website. It's hard not to cry while watching the intro or reading some of the stories there. I happen to know they are in need of funding, and I hope someday to be in a place to be able to give back.

We've leaned into lots of people along Will's journey, from respite to emotional support to the latest: financial help from non-profits when Will's expenses exceeded our house payment each month. Accepting help isn't easy, and it isn't something I do gracefully. But I've realized that this is all part of God's plan for me, and so, today I am grateful for the lessons He is teaching.

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