Friday, April 2

oh, the paperwork journey

I seriously thought I'd never have the patience or tolerance to go through this paperwork process again. Putting together Norah's dossier was so incredibly consuming for me that I literally got ill at the thought of pursuing another.

However, it is really amazing how knowing what to expect lessens some of the burden.

It isn't without the craziness, though! Thankfully we are working with two really great agencies, who are used to dealing with stressed out parents.

Just when I thought pre-approval was submitted and all was quiet on the homefront for a few days, we received a call today saying that China needs some bloodwork. Like yesterday. Unfortunately, Jim's doctor did not draw for the bloodwork the day we had our physicals like mine did. So my labs are in, and he rushed off to the office to have labs drawn a few minutes ago.
This too shall pass.

As far as the process goes, our timeline to bring him home looks like it averages out to around 6-8 months from now. We have submitted for pre-approval. Once we receive pre-approval, we have three months to submit our dossier or an extension. After the dossier, most are taking 3-4 months for a Letter of Approval (LOA). Following that, we wait a few more weeks for travel approval and then off we go!

I know we've had a lot of questions since we've announced this....I promise to answer more of them over the next couple of weeks.

For now, I'll leave you with just a picture of the cutie pie when he was a little younger.....


  1. Oh the paperwork. It goes much faster the second time around. Hang in there. Meanwhile I'll play some clown music for you. Shan

  2. You never cease to amaze me, Heather. I've said it before, but there are there (soon to be four) very lucky children to have a mommy as wonderful as you. Good luck and I'll follow your blog as you sort through this process!

  3. Heather, you are amazing! It always suprises me how God works...unfortunatley, I haven't checked your blog in some time. For some reason, I had a sudden thought to read it tonight. Now I know why! I have felt a strong calling to adopt for some time. Justin and I have started talking about moving forward with the process. I know that our families will question or wonder what we are thinking being that we already have 4 crazy kids of our own. Reading your recent post brings a feeling of calmness to our thoughts...

  4. Funny....I can picture him in your family photos already!