Tuesday, August 24

Back to School!

I'm coming in a little late on this one. Getting the photos off of my camera lately is not too easy when you have someone climbing on your back asking to use the computer. ;)

Will's school is year round, so I don't have any "first day of school shots". He had a couple of weeks off in July and then back he went. I need to take some of him in front of his school here soon...perhaps when it is a bit cooler since he got a super cute back to school outfit from my neighbor and her mom.

Caroline started second grade last week. I can't believe it! I'm enjoying the time I have in the morning with just the littlest one, but man, my big girl is growing up too fast.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Heather,
    She looks so cute and so grown up! Patrick starts 3rd grade tomorrow, its crazy how fast it goes. Tell her I can't wait to hear all about 2nd grade!
    Love, Jen

    Congrats on the grant that is awesome news!