Monday, August 30

not quite DTC

DTC = Dossier To China

Adoption is full of twists, turns, and delays. I know everyone wonders why the wait is so long when I tell them we are adopting a child who was waiting for a family. I mentioned the steps we still face in an earlier post. We are currently waiting for our dossier to be sent to China. Unfortunately, right now, it sits waiting for a piece of paper to be added. The second agency we are working with found out that China now requires this piece of paper, and so our dossier sits waiting for another week or two. Frustrating at times, but there's really nothing that can be done about it. So, we sit and wait some more.

Hopefully, sometime next week, I can tell you our dossier is headed for China. For now, we have plenty at home that needs our attention, and I am remembering that there are lessons to be learned in the wait.

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  1. Adoption is a roller coaster, definitely.

    If adopting doesn't send you over the edge a few good times...then nothing will. When people say adoption is a roller coaster ride....THEY ARE NOT LYING!!!

    Hang in there. I understand the frustration but Gods timing is so beautiful. Even in those moments of frustration God IS at work, even if we can't see it in the moment.