Friday, September 3

With every season change....

....comes shoe shopping.
As if the money I spend on three kids' shoes and the torture of taking kids shopping weren't enough, Will hates the change. At the beginning of summer, I buy him sandals because he doesn't tolerate heat as it is. It takes him a couple of weeks of trying to take his shoes off every waking minute I have them on him, and then all is okay.

THEN comes my favorite season....FALL. Favorite except for shoe shopping where I go to Stride Rite because the worker knows the shoes cost too much is kind enough to wait while I wrestle socks onto my son's feet and then shove shoes on faster than he can blink. The worker might get kicked a few times, I say I like the shoes, I pay the bill and we're on our way.

If you are looking for me, I'll be the one repeatedly putting the shoes back on my son's feet while enjoying the apple cider.

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