Sunday, September 12

Today I'm weary.

A two year old going on four days with a temperature over 104 degrees.

A seven year old who enjoys annoying said two year old while sick and whiny with a fever.

A dossier stuck in California, making it feel like forever until we meet the three year old.

A five year old who thinks it is super fun to be naked. AGAIN. (I thought we passed this stage?)

I love being a mom, but tonight, I'm tired and weary. Good night.


  1. Hope Norah is better soon, as for the annoying and naked...not sure when that will change...Sounds a lot like my house only I have 2 that love being naked!!!

  2. Heather,
    You are loved by me and by an amazing God. Being a Mom can be the most difficult job ever and you are an inspiration. I really look up to you. Thank you for sharing your life on this blog. I am often here when I am feeling like you are right now....thank you.