Tuesday, September 21

Weary turns into worry.

Have mercy. I should not have complained about being weary, clearly.

On Monday of the week I last posted, Norah was admitted to the hospital for her high fevers and swollen glands. After treating her for Kawasaki's Disease, she wasn't getting any better and the doctors began looking for other causes. Some of them feared a bacterial infection in her body and started her on IV antibiotics. Meanwhile, she had blood drawn for a variety of viruses, blood cultured, a chest x-ray to rule out a tumor, and two ultrasounds to look for an abcess (infection) in her lymph node. By Saturday she looked like she was responding to the second IV antibiotic they tried, and we went home. (All tests were negative for the things I mentioned.)

On Sunday night, she was readmitted. The lymph node had grown larger and developed a red streak over top of it. The fever came back. Today she had an MRI which showed an abcess in her lymph node and there is question as to whether or not the infection has settled in her bone as well. Tomorrow she will have surgery to drain the abcess, culture the bacteria growing and decide whether or not she should be treated for bone infection as well. She will likely be in the hospital for another 2-5 days following the surgery. She will come home with a PICC line so that she can receive IV antibiotics for possibly up to 8 weeks.

But you will not catch me saying I'm weary. I'm tired, I'm worried about her, but at the moment, I'm just thankful that she's okay and that we are going to get to the bottom of what's been going on for the past two weeks.


  1. Heather,
    When my little brother was a kid he had a staph infection in his ankle. It took a long time to figure out what was wrong with him because at the time...he hadn't started speaking yet...due to his disabilities. Anyway, once they figured in out he was in the hospital for a while and come home with a PICC line, his leg in a cast and a drainage bag attached. My Mom had to learn how to give him injections. It is interesting to hear him talk about it now...he has this super vivid memory. Anyway...reading your blog made me remember him going through that. I hope Norah is doing better now that the surgery is over. I'm still praying for you all.


  2. Oh my goodness - I recently started blogging again and therefore my connection to your blog has now again found me. So much has been going on with you! You handle everything so well and your children are adorable. I can't wait for one more to join your loving family! Take care, Stacey