Wednesday, November 25

Just keep skimmin'

Recently, I was at work talking about how life seemed so chaotic lately. One of the physical therapists at work laughed and said that I was "skimming", much like she was last year. I laughed, and we talked about how there are times as mothers that we can barely keep our heads afloat.

I've reflected on her comment a whole lot more lately, and she's right. I'm skimming. Barely.

I was reminded of this again today when I suddenly realized I had double booked myself for two very important events on the same date. In panic mode, I had to call and cancel one of them, and I couldn't help but feel totally frustrated and embarrassed.

Skimming isn't much fun these days. It is downright stressful as I find my head below water more than it is above. I'm reminded once again of the need for simplicity as well as the need to say no sometimes. Unfortunately, this isn't something that comes naturally to me, which I imagine is true for many moms.

This holiday season, I've decided to prayerfully reconsider my priorities in life and also simplify as much as possible.

What do you do in your life to keep things simple? What makes us so willing to continue to say "yes" when we really should say no?

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