Friday, November 6

Christmas gifts for teachers and therapists

I'm gathering ideas for Christmas. With Will's teachers, bus drivers, and therapists, there are a LOT of people to give to. In our family, we choose to give some sort of token of appreciation to almost everyone that works with Will as we know what they do requires a lot of time and effort.

That said, there's no way we could afford to buy gifts for them all. My mom and I have started a tradition each year. Instead of going shopping on Black Friday, we use the day to make handmade gifts...lots of give to these people as well as other friends and co workers.

Some of the gifts we've made in the past include handmade soap as well as lavender eye pillows.

This year, some of the ideas we've tossed around include beaded bookmarks, homemade sugar scrubs, and potholders for some special people.

I personally like these ornaments too. Last year, to thank teachers at the end of the school year, we made cookies that I let Caroline draw on. Always a good option as well. (Though I'd advise taking out the black marker....that one got kind of messy!)

I'd love to know....what kinds of gifts do you give to teachers and therapists while still keeping costs down?


  1. Bookmarks are always a big hit, I usually make them as end of the year gifts. These are the ones I made last year:

  2. I know I should be more crafty, but for the very reason you mention (many "special" caregivers to recognize at the holiday), I was elated to find big, great smelling fall candles at our Kroger yesterday for $1.25 EACH. Not Yankee brand but these compare. I bought 8! Pretty good for spending $10! I love a bargain.