Wednesday, May 27

WFMW: Cool Teacher Gifts

I can't believe it. It is the end of the school year.

I always struggle with how to show my appreciation for the people who have worked with my children. Particularly when there are so many of them!

We did buy gift cards for Will's bus driver and monitor. I mean, seriously....this was the part I was most freaked out about....putting my child with limited verbal ability on a bus and trying to explain to him that I wasn't sending him off to some foreign place. (He did fine, and the two women loved on him all year long. They *so* deserved those gift cards.)

Back to all of the other numerous people to buy for....I did go and buy small soaps and girly type things for the therapists and teachers, but I also wanted to give them something small that Will had a hand in creating.

We chose to try out a really neat cookie idea that I read on a favorite blog of mine (Bake at 350). Click here to see her post explaining with step by step directions. The basic idea is decorating sugar cookies with icing and giving the kids edible ink markers to decorate the cookies with.

Now, I am not a baker, though I do enjoy playing around in the kitchen. Needless to say, mine weren't as pretty as hers. And my first attempt was a total failure, which is why Will did not take any to school with him.

These were my second attempt, and ended up being a way for my six year old (who finishes school a week later) to say thank you to her teachers. I suppose we'll try again next year! Maybe Will will be able to write his name legibly by then. One can hope!

It worked for me (for at least one of my kids)! Thanks to Bridget at Bake at 350 for this idea!!


  1. That is awesome! Such a great gift for teachers - who really probably don't want or need one more item in the apple motif!! :) I love this!!!

  2. What a wonderful thoughtful gift. You both did a wondeful job!

  3. Oh my gosh! Yours turned out SO CUTE!!! I'm so happy that you liked the idea. :) Yay...this made my day!!!

  4. Those are cool Heather. I wonder if they make edible finger paints???

  5. Those are really sweet! No pun intended of course.

    I love Bake350!

  6. That is a great idea. I may try this one too!