Monday, May 25

Blog Talk Tuesday, explained

What is "Blog Talk Tuesday" and how does it work?
  • Blog Talk Tuesday is a "blog carnival". On any Tuesday, you create a post on your blog about anything to do with special needs - a cool idea, a great resource you've found, a funny story about your child...really anything. You then link your post on your blog back here.
  • You do not have to ask to join in. Jump in whenever you like. I will reserve the right to delete any links that aren't appropriate for this website.
  • Please link to your post, not to the home page of your blog. You are welcome to use the banner above by right clicking and saving. Then you are able to post it to your "Blog Talk Tuesday" post by inserting it like a picture. You are not obligated to use the banner, however.
  • When using Mr. Linky to link to this post, put your name, your website, and a topic in parenthesis. It would look something like this: Heather @Thoughts from Holland (drinking from a straw).
  • I will try to have my Blog Talk Tuesday post up late the night before so that you can link up at any time on Tuesday.
  • If you have questions, feel free to email me at I will answer them as soon as I can!

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