Wednesday, May 20

WFMW: The Magic Bullet

Now, before you start giggling (You know who you are!), this is something we bought to puree foods for Will. For those who don't my four year old, he had a feeding tube placed shortly after birth due to aspiration. Just before turning a year old, he cleared his testing and was able to begin eating. Except that getting a one year old to eat who has never eaten a meal in his life is not so simple.

Anyway, a couple of years and many therapy visits later, Will was eating, but needed food pureed. I could never get things to puree smoothly in my blender or a food processor without adding TONS of liquid, which diluted our calorie content - a big issue for us.

Until we found the Magic Bullet. It will puree anything to a stage 2 consistency. And yes, even things like pizza and hot dogs. (I know. Blech.) I wish I had this little gadget when I was making baby food for my six year old. Oh how much easier that would have been!
It worked for me!


  1. Thanks for suggesting this, I just use a cheap little food processor right now for making my daughter's baby food and I have alot of trouble getting it to the right consistency. I am going to look into one of these.

  2. At your suggestion a few months ago, I bought one of these to use for Alex, who can't chew most foods. It is wonderful. Now...I can't say that the end result looks at all appealing to me, but he can eat it...and that is the objective. Thanks for the suggestion!