Thursday, May 28

Very cool giveaway!

This relates to special a roundabout way that only parents of kids with special needs understand.

So, I never take Will to get pictures taken at JCPenney, Walmart, Picture People, and so on. For many of you, you are already laughing. Do I REALLY need to elaborate? The last professional picture I have of him is at 18 months old. At 2, he kicked the photographer, threw a football at her, ran off the set and I left a total sweaty mess. Needless to say, I never went back. (I did happen to get a really nice school picture this year at age 4, surprisingly.)

Anyway, I recently purchased my first digital SLR camera. I'm determined to take a class this summer to learn to shoot in manual mode so that I can take my own pictures of the kids. It is something I enjoy, but just don't have the knowledge to use the camera properly. Eventually, I think it would be really cool to specialize in special needs can dream, right?

Soooo, the giveaway. I recently stumbled onto a website called iHeartFaces and they are having a super cool giveaway for a camera bag which really could be used for a diaper bag instead. I have personally been looking for a camera bag, but when I saw this, I thought....this would be *so* much nicer than the dumb bag I carry around full of diapers and Will's favorite Wall-E figurine now. ;) Click here for more info and to see pictures. The one pictured above is my favorite and the one I am seriously thinking about buying. Soon.

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