Sunday, July 18

Check this out!

I discovered an article this morning about "Sensory Friendly Films" being shown at AMC movie theaters! Unfortunately, we just missed July's showing, but there is one per month, and there is an AMC movie theater nearby us, just across the river.

We've taken Will to the movies before as he LOVES to watch movies and generally is pretty good. However, we always try to go to the cheap movies because they are less crowded and I never know if he is going to want to wander the row we are sitting in, or if he will make noise that would disturb others. Also recently, he has really started to show some fear during movies and wants to hide if someone is getting in trouble or hurt.

We don't necessarily need the lights turned up or the GFCF snack allowances (both part of the "sensory friendly" deal), but we would love to go and allow Will to be his own person, rather than stressing about keeping him quiet and sitting. I can't wait!

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