Saturday, July 31

the potty training roller coaster

So, Will is doing really well with the potty! (Yay!)

However, he is still doing number two in his pants. (Boo!)

He's figured out that we don't want it in his pants and chooses to then put it in the potty himself. (Yucky. Double boo.)

His medicaid will cover his night time pull ups! (Yay!)

He's been waiting too long to go and leaves a nice large wet spot on many days. (Boo.)

He's learning how to aim and has been hitting my shower curtain less. (Yay!)

However, tonight at his grandparents' house, he managed to wait so long he wet every outfit I brought him while trying to get to the potty. (Boo.) it any wonder I'm exhausted by the end of the day????? One day, hopefully soon, this roller coaster will end!!!

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