Thursday, July 29


I dream of being a photographer who takes pictures of kids, especially those of kids with special needs. (Because let's face it, a photographer who really gets our kids and is willing to work with them is hard to find!)

Anyway...just something I think about from time to time. Even if it never happens, I love taking photos of my kids and hope to take a class someday.

Meanwhile, here are some shots of Norah when she's being really sweet. ;)

I made the hair bow for her. For directions, click here.

To put the vignette around her on this one, I used Picnik, my all time new favorite easy software. (and free!)


  1. :) When did that girl grow up???!

    Love the pictures!

  2. These are awesome pictures Heather!! Let me know if you want to practice on others!! :)

    Don't let go of your dream!!

  3. I really love that beautiful scenic backdrop on the 2nd one ;) What a great yard.