Saturday, January 29

The answer is...not yet.

It's been a rough week around here. I belong to a couple of online forums/yahoo groups of kids being adopted from China. Every last one of them with our Article 5 date (the last piece of paperwork we turned in) received their travel permission last week and most have received consulate appointments. (This is the date that your trip revolves around.)


I generally belong to these groups to read tips from others who have gone before us, to find out a little bit more about how the trip works, and so on. At this point though, all it has done is cause me total agony and plenty of stress, knowing we are still waiting even though we rushed to get paperwork done. Probably what makes it harder is knowing that the offices we need shut down from February 2nd through the 8th for Chinese New Year.

Whining aside, he is still coming home very soon. We're hoping to receive travel permission this Monday, and we could hear something about travel dates on Tuesday. We are still hoping to go in late February if at all possible.

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