Monday, January 24

Is it today?

We're number one on the list for travel approval for our agency. According to websites I check in with occasionally, it looks like many times, this comes on a Monday. We're hoping to hear something today!!

Meanwhile, Eli's little friend, who he has been with since being a baby, left today to meet his forever family. I am so excited for little C and for his family, but it brings the reality of what we're doing a little closer to home as well. C's mom emailed to say that he is sad right now, which she expected, and we expect with Eli. However, it doesn't necessarily make it any easier in real life, especially when you know these boys are happy-go-lucky little boys who come bounding in front of the webcam on Sunday nights.

We're adopting a four year old. Yes, the four year old may be a child who lives in a foster care center and needs a family, but the center is the only family he has ever known. With friends who are like brothers and sisters to him.

We are so excited to go and finally get Eli and bring him here, to get him the medical care we know he needs, and to show him the love of a family. The reality is that we are much more excited than he is going to be, and we need to be prepared for that.

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