Friday, October 23

The BEST birthday party ever

This past weekend, we had a birthday party for Will at one of those places that has the bouncy inflatables. I've never booked a birthday party anywhere for my kids since they tend to be more costly than what I spend here at home, but it was something that I knew Will would enjoy and decided it would be money well spent.

Because we have such wonderful neighbors and family, Will had lots of friends there who made his day special. He loved it! Every bit of it...the bouncing, the sliding, the singing, the cake. He even enjoyed opening his presents.

The girls, of course, loved it too!

We've come SO far. Will threw the cake off of the table at his second birthday and had to be bribed to open even one gift at his third birthday. This year was just amazing and a tribute to just how far one little boy has come. Needless to say, I spent the ride home in tears, thanking God for the blessings we've received.

**Speaking of blessings, he really deserves his own post, but October is a very busy month in our house. Ten years ago today, I married my husband, who is the best husband and father a girl could hope for. I love you so much!!!!

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  1. Ethan thought it was the best too! He really wants to know when someone else is having a party there!