Sunday, October 18

Typhoon hits Vietnam

:( Please keep them in your thoughts.

Click here for link to story on NPR.

I read this on a friend's blog tonight. It apparently hit Norah's hometown. Something in me stopped suddenly when I looked at the pictures and read her town's name in print. I swear, it seems like yesterday that we were there and yet it seems like forever ago. (Makes lots of sense, right?)

It is hard to believe that it hasn't even been a year since we got her. At this time last year, we were praying that the wait wouldn't be much longer. In fact, on this date last year, we were informed that our fingerprints had expired, which was so frustrating! I've kept the emails and just going back and rereading them brings back a rush of emotions as we found out we were traveling.

She's such a pip. She understands so much and is so very smart. Talks a blue streak and has this personality that draws people to her....we are so lucky.

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  1. Yah, the whole it seems so close yet far away makes perfect sense. Makes the whole world seem smaller too. I remember reading stories about typhoons, title waves ect in other countries and not giving it too much thought. It's different now.