Friday, October 23

Home ABA: Week 2

**We have a corner in our basement sensory room all set up for our ABA time. This picture actually shows the corner before we cleared it out and put a small child sized table from IKEA there. All of the toys, reinforcers, and work are now inside a cabinet that has child locks on it.**

This week, we have continued to work on getting Will to sit when he is asked to. He has been doing wonderfully. Today, I gave him the prompt to "come sit" 10 times. Each time he came, got reinforced, and then was asked to do a small, easy task before being told to "go play".

Some of the things we do when he sits at the table are: a favorite puzzle, matching a picture, putting pegs into a pegboard, touching body parts, and following short directives like "clap your hands" or "knock on the table". The point of these activities is to extend his time sitting at the table. In the beginning, we only asked him to sit. Now we ask him to sit and complete one very short activity. Right now, the table is still viewed as a fun place to be!

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  1. That's great! What quick progress he's making!!