Wednesday, June 16

How about some new pictures??

I'm working on several new posts about things that have gone on in our house lately, but for now, how about some new pictures of my cutie pie in China?

He's at a wonderful foster care center, as you can see. These pictures were taken on a recent outing. The foster care center is run primarily through donations, and we couldn't be more grateful to the people who find it in their hearts to do so. Orphanage life is dismal at best, but this foster care center for kids with special needs is amazing.

With all of this comes the realization that Eli may have a very hard time transitioning to his new family because clearly, he has developed strong attachments to his caregivers as well as the other children in the center. However, I'm grateful for this because it is important for his development. We can help him transition to our family, but we can not make up for a lack of attachment early on in life. We just know to expect some grieving and give him time to do so.

If you'd like to read more about the center, click here. Bringing Hope to Children is run by the agency we adopted Norah through: IAAP.

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  1. Ethan thinks he looks like Jack... I was like don't you think Eli looks bigger? He said he couldn't tell. He wants to know when we will get him another brother his own age!!!! Yikes...I said perhaps he could just visit your house.