Tuesday, June 1

lessons along the way

I have a sweet online friend who I once heard compare having a child with special needs to seeing the Wizard of Oz in full color as opposed to black and white.

Trust me. Not all days are colorful in this house. Not even close.

But for the most part, when I can stop and think, I appreciate the little things brought about only by having Will in my life. One of these happens to be the loss of thinking I can do everything on my own. This is a tough one for me. In fact, if I had my way, I'd control it all. Wouldn't most moms? Don't we relish control?

Just recently, I met a woman named Dynette. Dynette runs a really awesome non-profit called Building Blocks for Kids. BB4K (as it is often referred to) raises money to pay for things for kids with special needs that might not otherwise be met by traditional funding.

Several months ago, it was suggested to me that I might fill out an application for BB4K to see if they could help us pay for Will's out-of-pocket speech therapy. A little over a month ago, we received word that they had already raised enough money to pay for 6 MONTHS of therapy. The picture above shows us with Dynette and a golfer who is a part of an association that raised nearly $3,000 for Will's therapy.

$3,000 because they saw a need and a cute little face in a photograph and decided to help.

Because of them, we can continue Will's therapy as well as make the possibility of bringing another child with special needs into our home a reality. Tonight, as I look at this picture, I am once again humbled and grateful.


  1. That is fantastic news! What a great organization!

  2. What wonderful news!

    I am stopping by from Hopeful Parents. I have a daughter with cp and a chromosome duplication.