Wednesday, June 23

that special mom guilt

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Last night I walked in from a meeting at church to find my seven year old holding a very bloody paper towel.

"I've lost another tooth!" she says.

We celebrate, and before bed, we realize that the tooth is lost. Daddy and I reassure her that we will write a personal note to the tooth fairy and all will be fine.

We fall asleep after talking about Will's potty training and filling out an adoption grant for Eli. Morning comes, and I'm awakened by the sound of my seven year old sobbing.

The tooth fairy didn't come. Mom and dad forgot the note to the tooth fairy. She recovers shortly after, when she realizes that she can write a note herself. Mom doesn't recover so many times in her life is she going to feel like she isn't getting enough of our attention, especially when we have to give so much to the others? People make mistakes, she will learn, and although my head realizes that we're doing the best we can, my heart isn't getting the message.

I still feel guilty, in the special way that only moms can. Can anyone else relate to this?

Off to help write a letter so that the tooth fairy doesn't bypass us AGAIN.

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  1. It happens to us all. I know we always want to make kids lives fun and shield them from pain. It's what we do, but we can't do it all. Children will feel sad, and left out, bored, frustrated, hurt, and everything else. It's okay we all experience it. In my opinion if they experience some when they're younger they deal better and experience more joy later. Caroline is a great accepting kid, and I'm sure part of this is because of her experiences. I look forward to watching her grow up. Besides I know she'll be a great babysitter in a few years: Smart, caring, accepting, and responsible.