Sunday, June 27

I want to always appreciate this.

We are on vacation at the beach, and it is lovely.

Last night, as we played on the beach as the sun went down, I looked out over the waves and watched the two year old splash around with her sister and her grandparents. I reflected on her year and a half with us.

At the same time, I glanced the five year old splashing in the waves and going out just far enough for daddy to have to real him back in.

The seven year old was busy chasing crabs with her cousin, flashlights in hand. (They saw none. :)

Two years ago, at the same beach, it was honestly not such a great time. Will couldn't tolerate the heat, wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep, and was generally miserable. He had just started on something called carnitine - an important amino acid that he was bottomed out in, and we hadn't gotten the dosage quite right. He was crashing during our vacation. My sweet boy laid on the floor and stared at the ceiling a lot of the vacation, mostly unresponsive. We wondered if we'd ever have a decent vacation again.

Last night I watched as ALL 3 of my children enjoyed the beach. Played like kids should. It was a feeling that I want to remember forever.

I don't ever want to stop appreciating where we are or the blessings we've been given. It would be easy to fall into a trap of dwelling on all that Will can't do, but instead, I try to dwell on all that he CAN do. It makes a big difference.


  1. Glad you guys are having a great time!

    Two years ago, did you ever think that life could be as great as it is now? 8 )

  2. :) You just never know where you will end up, but sometimes it's pretty awesome. Glad you're having fun!

  3. Hi Heather,
    I always have tears reading your posts, I am so happy that you guys are ALL having a great time and everyone is having fun! So I am hoping next years vacation is back to California. Tell everyone we said hi!
    Love you,