Tuesday, February 22

In the final days before we leave....

So we need several thousands of dollars and in the newest bills we can find to take with us on our trip. I knew this ahead of time, but for some reason, forgot about how difficult this might be.

This morning I called the bank. (Because yesterday, of course, was a holiday. And last week? Well, last week, I kept saying we had a week left before we got on the plane. I don't know what I was thinking.)

The conversation goes something like this:

me: "Hi there. I'm getting ready to leave for an adoption to China, and I have been told I need to bring $$$$ with me in the newest bills I can find."

unlucky bank teller who answered the phone (sounding slightly panicked) "In Chinese Yuan?"

me: "Oops. Sorry. American."

bank teller (calmer now): "Okay. Well, when do you need it by?"

me: "Ummmm.....tomorrow."

bank teller: *crickets chirping*

In the end, I have two branches that are gathering the money for me. Thank heavens.

So, I will be carrying $$$$ with me, split in half with my husband, in money belts. By the time we arrive, those bills should be nice and sweaty and crumpled. Don't you think?

(I did buy one that went around my neck for me. I can't imagine flying for hours with something around my waist. Yuck.)

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  1. Yes, in retrospect the money belt around the neck thing would have been a much better option for me. I do not have a flat belly and my brand new $100 bills got both sweaty and crumply...to the point of being rejected (as you know since you were there!). So, good idea on the neck belt!

    Also, OH MY GOSH!!! I can't believe you are going already...in the air by now I bet!!! SO EXCITING!!!