Saturday, February 26

Leaving for an early flight

Posting about Beijing will have to wait until we get to Eli's provincial capital. We got back last night after being out with our guide, Christina, all day and I went right to bed.

Somehow...I don't know how...I ended up with either a 24 hour stomach virus within the first 12 hours in China, or I already have eaten something bad, on the plane or in the one meal we had here before I got sick. It wasn't pretty. Oy. I started the medication our doctor sent with us just in case it was something bad I ate.

Let's just say, throwing up at lunch in a restaurant wasn't how I planned spending our first day in China. I didn't quite make it fully to the lovely squatty potty they had there, and I had to flag down a woman working there, whom I'm not sure understood what I was saying until I showed her. Totally embarrassing, to say the least.

We are leaving in just a half hour to meet Christina to take us to the airport to fly to Changchun. Can't wait!! (Hopefully I'm recovered...prayers are appreciated, because that wouldn't be too fun flying or meeting Eli the way I felt yesterday!!)


  1. Oh no! Praying you feel better!!

  2. Yuck, hope the rest goes better. Saw all your kids today. Everyone was doing well. Norah did great skating! Caroline told me she talked to you guys via skype. She had a blast at the party!