Monday, February 28

Ni Hao! 24 hours later...

Things are calmer here, and we are so thankful. We can feel the prayers from halfway around the world! As I type this, Eli is napping. Naptime will most likely be my computer time as otherwise, I'm not sure I could type a whole post without a million keys being hit by my "helper". LOL

He is very, very busy, but just 24 hours later, we've seen some improvements and some really good signs. For starters, we've gotten really good at some Chinese phrases. You know, all of the important things like "no" and "stop" and "sleep." Apparently I'm saying them well enough for him to get it. Our agency sent us with a phonetic list of phrases for Chinese, and what a lifesaver.

The point at which I became really good at saying "no" in Chinese

I'm not entirely sure he's figured out that he's stuck with us as he told the student of our guide - "I go with you." I'm sure he'd much rather be with someone who understands what the heck he is saying! He was also playing with a really long shoehorn that was in the hotel room (yes, I know I let him play with a really big stick, which might not have been smart, but I was TIRED) and he apparently told her, "I'm a policeman!" The teacher in me thinks - Great! Pretend play...a good sign! The realist in me says - "No wonder this kid is bored with us...we're totally lame when we're talking in one word sentences." He kept trying to do something with the shoehorn, and now I realize that he was trying to lock us up in handcuffs, I'm almost certain. LOL

Regardless, he is a sweetie. I hear him call Jim "baba" (which means daddy in Chinese) and has been giving us kisses. We went to breakfast today in the hotel and it went well. He let us know what he wanted for breakfast (rice with shrimp) and he was determined to feed himself. His fine motor skills are really poor, and his core seems really super weak. (I probably lost most of you at this point if you aren't a parent of a kid with needs or a therapist, sorry.) Regardless, he is very determined and persistent, which Hannah had already told us. This is a great thing! I'm certain he will overcome any of the physical issues he might have by being so determined, and his language and pretend play skills seem spot on. He isn't quite sure how to play with most toys or else doesn't have the attention to do so right now but these things will come with time.

Eli Tao and his "baba"

Anyway, at breakfast, he wanted a spoon and was set on it. (The big white ceramic spoons that they use in Asian countries) At the end of the meal, he dropped it and it shattered all over. I'm sure we are quite a spectacle anywhere we go. I'll be glad to get to Ghangzhou where we will fit right in with tons of other American adoptive parents.

Outing to Walmart

Tomorrow we visit the center. If you are interested in watching the webcam, make sure to check out the post I put up with the link.


  1. Heather, It sounds like you had another wonderful day with your new son! I bet your head is spinning with all of the things you can do to improve his fine motor skills and I am sure some time on the playground in warm weather will strengthen his core right up :-) I hope Walmart was fun! I would love those phonetic phrases when I travel!! I am sure Joey will be happy to see Eli soon for your visit. I watched last night for the visit...well, duh , it isn't until tonight!!LOL! I guess I am a bit anxious :-) Happy resting! More prayers coming your way!!

  2. I can't tell you how excited I am for you. Reading your posts is like being there with you! He is SOO adorable and is a wonderful addition to your beautiful family. Hugs to you and Jim, and of course, Eli.

  3. Hi Heather and Jim,
    What a wonderful post to wake up to!!! I am so happy for you guys...congrats! I can't wait to meet him. Praying for you guys!
    Love you,

  4. Sounds good! Jack did not use any toys for awhile...not sure why??? Anyway glad all seems to be going well. Cannot wait to see him in person. Enjoy Ghangzou. It's really nice. The food is good too!

  5. Again...sitting here crying. Why do I cry when I'm reading such awesome things? I've followed along for 2 of your adoptions at this point.Maybe it is time for me to take this tugging seriously. So happy for you and for Eli Tao. You and Jim seriously amaze me.

  6. Heather and Jim, Eli is beautiful. I love the picture of you holding him, Heather, and he's looking right into your face. Just adorable. Spunky and busy? SOunds like he'll fit right in with the rest of the Meyer kids.