Friday, August 28

I love my neighborhood!

Everyone should have the chance to live in a neighborhood that they love. What makes a neighborhood so wonderful? The people, the sense of community that you share.

After having Will, we felt our life outside of kids dwindle away to nothing. Not uncommon for parents of young children. Especially common for parents of kids with special needs.

Then, we met our neighbors. Four houses of us all together. Lots of kids, all around the same age. Fun times to be had. A social life, complete with kids, began.

In the meantime, something wonderful happened. The neighbors loved on my children, special needs or not. No explaining why he does this or doesn't do that. Comfortable. A sense of community, like a family.

Just when we thought it couldn't get better, we brought Norah home from Vietnam in December.

Jack came home from China in March.

Tomorrow, my next door neighbors leave for Russia to bring an adorable little blond haired, one year old home.

What started out as some social time outside with the kids turned into some really wonderful friendships which continue to grow with the love of orphans. I love my neighborhood. I love the people.

Good luck you guys! We can't wait to meet the next child to be welcomed into our neighborhood family.

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  1. Oh, we so feel the same way! We cannot wait for the next one to be home. What a fun fall!!! Can't wait for Halloween, hay rides, birthday parties! So fun and so grateful for all of you! Shan