Friday, August 21

I'm THAT mom.

Here are our first week of school pics! Will started his second year of preschool today. Caroline began first grade on Tuesday. (She is in the middle with her buddies on either side.)

Back to why I'm THAT mom.

Sheesh. I sent Will to school on the bus today - his very first day of preschool this year - with shorts that had no button. Miscommunication between his dad and I and anyway, the bus was early.

It wasn't until he climbed on the bus and his pants fell around his lie...that I asked my husband when we got back inside. (I was thinking it was because the adjustable waist wasn't tight enough or I would have run in and gotten him new shorts!) He came home with a string through his belt loops and soaked on the outside. Kind of looked like he might have tried to go potty at school and pulled his pants up himself. (You know, where they don't get all of the little boy parts inside the pull up?)

Oh least it is Friday!!


  1. Hee hee...oops. No worries, the teacher already knows your a good mom. Like the only one that shows up on phase in day ect. The good news is it sounds like maybe he tried to go potty at school. Ethan held it all last year. Until May he never used the potty at school!

  2. ok, now that is funny!! When yours are in high school you will look back and laugh and then ask....where did the time go? They grow so fast!! Enjoy them while you can.