Friday, August 7

Random Thoughts on the past few days...

My first grader got her hair cut to get ready for the start of school. She looks so grown up. (=sad mom, but in a happy sort of way)

I went to Trader Joe's with all three kids and no one acted up or fought! (=happy mom)

The minute we got home, Will beat N over the head with a plastic bowling pin. (=sad mom)

The kids and I ate an extremely healthy lunch. (=happy mom)

After they went down for a nap, I ate two cookies. (=totally guilty feeling mom)

We bought all of the school supplies needed for first grade. (=happy mom)
Just what does one first grader do with 12 jumbo glue sticks anyway?

I got home and found mail from the school with another supply list for art class. (=sad mom)

I left for the night and went out with a group of moms who also happen to have kids with special needs. In a limo, no less! (=happy mom)

My friend's purse got stolen by some jerk. (=sad mom)

At the moment, my kids are all snuggled together watching a movie. (=totally blessed mom)

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  1. Very cute... You would be amazed at how many glue sticks one 6 year old can go through...No really. Last year I think my class went through 100. Mostly cuz the boys like to crank it all the way up and then it breaks, or they press so hard it smashes it and you can't crank it up anymore, or they roll it somewhere never to be seen again ect. ect. I hate glue sticks.