Tuesday, August 25

A Trip to the Vascular Clinic

Norah had her follow up appointment at the Vascular Clinic today. For those of you who don't know, before we adopted her, she was thought to have a lymphatic malformation or possibly even Klippel Trenaunay which would be more significant involvement of her arm. We were fine with this....in our eyes, this was easy compared to some of what we've seen.

A couple of months after adopting her, we took her to the Vascular Clinic here. They actually diagnosed her with a capillary malformation (AKA Port Wine Stain), and the doctors disagreed about whether she had arterial involvement which would make it Parkes Weber Syndrome. This would mean follow up with cardiology as Parkes Weber can result later in an enlarged heart, due to the arteries working over time.

Today, two doctors looked her over and decided it was definitely NOT Parkes Weber and is, in fact, just a Port Wine Stain. We are so lucky and so blessed with this kid. The doctors today could not believe how well she is doing. Her growth is fabulous and her development is well above her age level.

On top of that (as if things could not get better), my two younger kiddos were both with me. They could not have behaved better. Sleep clearly makes such a HUGE difference for Will. I always knew it did...more so than the average kiddo...but it was so clear today. He is a different kid and was just fabulous.

What a great day. I couldn't stop thinking on the way home about how much God has blessed us recently. We are so thankful!