Saturday, March 26

eye appointment update

On Thursday, Eli and I visited the opthamologist to check out the situation with his eyes. As I suspected, he has infantile estropia...meaning he has had this issue since he was a baby. He has the features of this diagnosis....things like the fact that it isn't always the same eye that turns in. He uses one at a time to focus, which you can see when he is concentrating on something. His eyes also swing upwards (like in this picture). This is something surgery must address, as opposed to patching or glasses.

The doctor also dialated his eyes and checked to see how clearly he could see. Well, the kid also has severe astigmatisms in both eyes, so he also gets the pleasure of wearing glasses. :) No wonder he has trouble tripping over things and has difficulty with eye hand coordination. LOL

Surgery consult is scheduled for the end of May (which was the first available) and his glasses should be in next week. He is also scheduled for a renal ultrasound next week as well as an appointment with pediatric rehab who would be the department that will follow his PT, whether he needs orthotics and so on. They will coordinate these things for us.

Just as a side note...Eli found his hat that he wore the day we got him and has been putting it on to run around the house in. Don't these two make quite a pair? I'm sure that I'm in trouble when they start communicating better. Partners in crime....


  1. Oh Heather! I can NOT wait to hear the stories that these Irish twins get into! LOL They are adorable together. =)

    Colleen P2P

  2. Yea...add in Cam and Jack...It should be an err interesting I mean good summer :)

  3. I haven't stopped by in a while, but did tonight and have goose bumps seeing pictures of your new son. He is so very fortunate to have you as a mom and so lucky to be surrounded by a wonderful family. I also chuckled to myself reflecting some moms might lose it at the thought of eye surgery, but your faith, own medical experience and childrens' situations have prepared you for this moment. God knows the plans he has for you! What a wonderful story you are living with Him as the author. Blessings and grace!

  4. Heather, I am so happy to read about Eli's improvement recently. You and Jim are great for him and I'm so glad he found his way to you two. I can't believe how big Norah is getting! Amazing. I think the timing may be good for his upcoming surgery since the more you can help him to understand about what is happening, the better it will be for him. All the hard times will be worth it. He's a special little boy and his adoption is just another part of the awesome journey of life you have chosen to take.


  5. Too adorable girl! Amazing is what you are!