Friday, March 11

Goodbye China.

I'm not sure how to even begin this post. I didn't really realize how many people have read the blog while we were gone until I started checking email and facebook. All I can say is that we appreciate it more than you know. This journey has been of the hardest we've encountered yet. (and that says a lot, considering some of our dark early days with Will's diagnosis.)

I could tell you about the train ride from Guangzhou to HK, where Eli and I played the grand old game of "Battle of the Wills". (For the record, I won.) I could tell you about how a 15 hour plane ride is enough to make me stop and ponder just how many more days I could stay in China. But I could also tell you about how I listen to him ask where daddy went when Jim leaves the room. Or, about how he falls asleep touching our faces.

He's a really sweet child who deserves a family just like anyone else. There have been many times that Jim or I have wondered what we've done, and what we've just subjected our family to. We prepared for this adoption, we know in our heads what it means for a child to be ripped from everything he's ever known, all in the name of a family, and even how they are supposed to react. When you are faced with it in reality, it is daunting. However, we felt strongly that we were supposed to do this, so we continue to pray and plug along.

So anyway, we wanted to say thanks. Thanks to our families, friends, neighbors who have prayed for us and read with us along this adoption trip. It has helped us tremendously.

The next time we post here, we should be in the US! Hooray!!


  1. Heather,
    "What have you done?" Well, you have followed the Lord to a land far, far away, to a child who's soul longed for a family, even if he didn't know what that longing was. You have placed this child in your heart and loved this child before even meeting him. We parent in the here and now, and yet somehow we parent for the future of our child. We must look to that future as we plug along in the present, for all that we do now will be reflected there. Of course Eli is struggling, because he is transitioning. Hard? I can imagine it is VERY hard. The good thing about transition is that it is just that...transition. It is not permanent. You are the perfect mommy for Eli, and God knew that you would be, or He wouldn't have chosen you for the task. Every trial we go through will bring us closer to Him, so we can embrace challenges as an opportunity to know Him, love Him, and serve Him. He is drawing you deeper in. Go with Him, He will lead you.
    Prayers for peace and for lots of sleep on the plane for all of you!!

  2. You have done just what you were supposed to. We'ree to help. God says so :)

  3. Love you all!! I am praying for you always!

  4. Heather,
    Just wanted you to know that I started my blog! I had one for our Guatemala adoption process, and now it is time to have a new one. It is The Joy of
    You are continuing to be an inspiration to me!
    Big hugs!