Thursday, March 10

Victoria Harbor and other fun in Hong Kong

I am really thankful we had this extra day to play with. We left Guangzhou a day early and decided to spend it in Hong Kong instead. What fun. I wish I had a few more days here. (Well, not right now. And not with children. But anyway.) Since we knew we were leaving tomorrow, we decided to stay close by and enjoy things close to our hotel. Before I left the US, I booked this hotel because it was close to the train station. (As in, right across from it.) We had a choice...we could stay here, near the train station and have to get up earlier to go to the airport, or we could stay near the airport. We chose here. I am SO thankful we did, as we are right on the harbor, and gorgeous.

The hotel itself is really pretty and very clean. (and hey! soft beds!) We ordered in room service last night for the two of us, and Jim ran back to the train station to get....wait for it....McDonalds for Eli. He's gotten a bit picky on us after leaving Changchun. If it ain't rice or noodles or french fries, then we get a big 'ole NO in Chinese in our faces. He's got a rude awakening coming when we arrive home. I kids like rice and noodles, but not for every meal and not everyday. :)

This morning, we walked the harbor, bought some artwork, shopped a bit, took a ferry across the water to the main island, and then checked out the mall attached to the hotel. We also found a grocery store and stocked up on ammunition - aka oreos and chips and suckers - for the 15 hour plane ride home. (I realize we are setting this kid up to think America is happy meals and potato chips. However, the term "survival of the fittest" comes to mind.)

Tonight, we walked the Avenue of Stars (think Hollywood, only the stars on the pavement are all in Chinese) and waited for the Symphony of Lights on the Harbor. It was wonderful. I'm now posting on the blog and Jim is packing. I got the better end of that deal, if you ask me. Until all of my things are smooshed as he crams things in. Oh well....

The next post will be sometime after we leave the way I've scheduled it, and then, we'll be touching down on US soil!! Can't wait. Eli has had a marvelous day...the best yet, and it was just what we needed. He is a sweet, sweet kiddo who just needs to sort through what just happened, and perhaps to learn some significant boundaries. (and possibly, the real meaning of the word "no" LOL)

United States, here we come!!

Hey, everyone else was doing it. Besides, he was the only star we recognized. LOL

This would be the third Starbucks we visited, in case you are counting.

The harbor, but this picture really doesn't do it justice. It is beautiful, and even better at night. (Reminds me of the neon in NYC at night.)

These light up, spinning toys would have gone for at least $20US at home. Here, they cost $20HKD. Equivalent = $2.50US (Sure, you can have one. That should buy us at least 15 more minutes in the stroller, right?)


  1. Heather,
    I just love reading about your trip! I think we parent very much alike :-) I am all for "keep the kiddo happy" for now and make the necesssary changes at home. I love the way you think, and I do believe you got the better end of the deal...blogging NOT packing!!LOL!
    Since I won't get to hear from you until after you are home, keep this for later..."WELCOME HOME"!!!!!
    May the Lord bless you and keep you safe all the journey home,

  2. Heather,
    The harbor seems beautiful. Maybe I'll have a chance to see it someday. Did the light up toy do the trick?

  3. Cannot wait to see you all. Have a safe trip home. Enjoy that nie long ride... (ick)