Thursday, March 3

The Hospital Visit

When Eli was just a few months old, he had his surgery for his meningocele. Hannah set it up so that we could visit and so that the doctors and nurses could see him one more time. After the night before, he was really excited to see Hannah and wanted little to do with us. ;)

The doctors and nurses were wonderful and posed for pictures that we promised to forward to them. After we were through at the hospital, we went back to Hannah's place for lunch and also got to meet her husband, who happens to be the pediatrician that performs the check ups on the babies at the center. We had a great time...meeting them both was something we'll remember forever. This morning, the student that has been helping us out brought us to the airport for our flight to Ghangzhou. Hannah thought it might be best if Eli didn't see her again as he is attached to her and grieves each time he leaves her.

The afternoon after we left Hannah's place was another rough one as he woke from his nap to find that he was alone again with us. However, we've just arrived in Ghangzhou, and what a difference. I'm going to finish this post as our guide is meeting us here soon, but I will try and post later about the day.

(Sticky fingers got a hold of the camera again. Haze on the lens.)


  1. What a cute picture!! This next week should be more uplifting and easier for all of you! Have fun with Eli and enjoy your time in Ghangzhou!
    Love to you all,

  2. Ghangzhou was a good experience for everyone in the group. The kids that were grieving did better there. Not sure why. Maybe just being somewhere new and seeing kids like them with new families. Enjoy your time! We were so comfortable there and really got to have some fun :)

  3. Hopefully Eli is doing better now. Still praying for you guys. You've been writing alot about how he is are you and Jim doing? It has been a real blessing to me to follow along on this journey with you.

  4. I am glad the hospital visit went well. A change of scenary may be just what sweet Eli needs right now. We are continuing to pray for you , and can't wait for the next post :-)