Saturday, March 12

We're home!

I am SO glad to be here!! After the long 15 hour flight (and a second, 2 hour flight), we finally arrived here in Cincinnati. Because of some traffic, my kids and parents got to the airport a little late, so we were standing there talking with my inlaws when they arrived. Seeing Will's face was especially priceless as he took off running for us and jumped into Jim's arms. :)

Eli did pretty well on the flight, all things considered. He played well with the things we brought, slept REALLY well (this kid can fall asleep at the drop of a hat), and endured the long lines going through security and customs. He had 3 or 4 screaming, hitting, kicking fits which were extremely wearing on both of us, and for this reason, I am so glad to be home where people aren't looking at me in a sort of "those mean American parents are picking on that poor Chinese child" kind of way. On a plane, there isn't much you can do more than restraining his hands and legs to stop from being kicked and hit. We'd hold them and then allow him to calm down while we spoke calmly to him. When he started up again (and he usually did, until about 20-30 minutes into each one), we'd begin the process again.

By the end of the flight, I had had it. My perspective was totally skewed....not because I was tired from the flight or anything...and I continued to pray for God to give me the wisdom and strength as well as the heart for this child that obviously He has. At that moment, a flight attendant arrived. My tired brain thought here we go...someone who thinks we're abusing the child by restraining his hands and feet and is going to try and appease him. (I might add that I was chuckling to myself because anyone who tried up until that point got smacked. LOL)

She asked if we spoke Mandarin (um, no.) and began speaking to him. Now, I have no idea what was said, but he smiled. For all I know, she may have been telling him that his parents were nuts. It hit me at that moment that although he is not going to be allowed to hit or kick us, I also needed to remember that his life had just been turned upside down, and that he was scared, without parents who really understood what he said.

Interestingly, once my perspective was brought back to where it should have been, his demeanor changed too. The second short flight was much better and the past day and a half at home have been very pleasant. He's playing with our other three much better than we ever expected, and we've been the recipient of some hugs and kisses. He's also already learned to say sorry in English and has used it twice, once without prompting. He's been much more gentle with us and it has been an entire day without my glasses being ripped off of my face. ;)

What a difference a day makes.


  1. He's a cutie and Ethan already loves him. He'll defend him no matter what.

  2. Heather,
    Glad to hear you are home safe and sound! I am also glad that your first day and a half back was pleasant!! I could be cliche and say "Hang in there", but I know you already are! I am watching closly as I know I want to be as prepared as possible for what may come when we travel. Although I know all kiddos are different, I have to wonder if we will get the same reaction from our little guy because he is also leaving a place where he was well loved and indulged. We shall see. But, if that be the case, then I will be prepeared for it!!! All because of you and your sharing of your journey with me :-) For that, I cannot thank you enough!
    I hope you are enjoying your own bed!!

  3. Welcome home. Awww, your bed, your pillow, signs in english, your kids all under on roof. Smiling thinking of you. Is Eli going in Will's room? ALso smiling thinking of myself sitting on your living room floor meeting Eli and chatting it up with NOrah and Will "streaking" by..... Soon. You get to pick the food. Can't wait.

    I'm glad to call your friend. Praying for you, Jim and your FOUR kids. YAY.

  4. Welcome home! I am so thrilled for you guys, and although I am sure there will be some difficulties that lie in the road ahead, it will all be worth it. I can't wait to meet the newest addition to the Meyer family =]

  5. Welcome home Heather, Jim and Eli. It was so good to see you back home safely. We had a wonderful time with our grandkids and really enjoyed each one of them. Your neighbors are awesome, and helped out on several occasions. We are so happy you have these great friends in your lives. Enjoy your time bonding as a new family with our 4 beautiful grandchildren. We know you had many rough times over the last 16 days, but you followed your heart and what you knew you were called to do. Eli is a lucky little boy because he has the best Mom and Dad ever. We are so proud of you. We love you all.

    Mom and Dad

  6. Welcome Home! What an amazing trip you must have had. Can't wait to hear all your stories about your family of 6!

  7. I am so proud of you, Heather. Coming through this and still blogging all the time...and with wit and humor too! Still thinking of you and praying for you all. Mariah