Monday, July 13

Day 1 of the Potty Training Experience

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This is going to be a slow ride, my friends.

Will has decided he does not want to sit on the potty. I'm not sure why. I bought a seat that is sturdy and will not shift around on our big potty. I have a stool under his feet. Chocolate sitting nearby. I mean, really...who won't sit for chocolate?

So, goal number one becomes getting him used to sitting on the potty until a timer goes off in true ABA style. For now, I have him sitting on it three times a day for all of 20 seconds until he hears the timer. He then gets an M&M.

I might have to change the reinforcer. Today, I had to hold him there. Though I must say...he gets it, and each time gets easier.

We'll see. ;) For those of you with experience, is it better to teach them sitting down or standing up? The only way I can think to teach Will is sitting. There's no way to keep him there otherwise, and his stream would never reach the potty standing anyway. The only issue I see with this is that Will is a routine kind of fellow. I'm eventually going to have to change it to standing up. Hm.


  1. Heather,

    Cate was EXACTLY like Will in her refusal to sit on the potty...for the first few weeks. I know you probably don't want to do this, BUT I had great success getting her to sit in front of the tv...on a bucket with the potty seat on it. Otherwise, I'd definately teach him sitting down. Can you put him directly on the toilet, sitting backwards (facing the tank), and give him a toy or book to play with? My Mom taught my brother that way, and eventually he turned around, then stood up. Good patient...if Cate can get it, so can Will! HUGS!!!!

    Colleen p2p

  2. I've been doing sitting, but Eric took Cam into the urinal and he actually wanted to try standing...I don't know maybe I should be doing standing. Ethan's a habit creature and I taught sitting, but most of the time he stands now, so I think it will happen. I mean it's so much fun to make a waterfall with your pee. Who doesn't enjoy that???