Sunday, July 26

More from vacation land....

I promise, tonight I'll try and figure out the camera.

I didn't think I'd be blogging, but since we're staying with friends, it makes it pretty easy, actually. Right now, as I speak, the kiddos are splashing around in our friends' heated pool and spa. I hope they don't get too used to this! LOL

We've visited two beaches in the past couple of days. Yesterday, we visited Zuma, which is a beach close to Malibu. Today was Ventura was really cold! So cold that we left the guys with the kids and Jen and I went shopping on the boardwalk. ;) It was beautiful though...all of the boats in the harbor....had it not been so cold, it was definitely the prettier of the two in my opinion. Tomorrow we'll try another beach in the afternoon and evening.

It is hard to believe vacation is going by so fast, but we're having a great time. We keep remarking how much fun we're having, how much Will is enjoying it, how well C and her friend Patrick get along together, and how much of a daredevil N is! (We just had to stop her from jumping in the pool like the big kids...she was awfully close to the steps, but she had no fear!) Smiled the whole time, and when she got out, she announced...."TA DA!" with a big smile on her face. She is something else. She rounds out our family for sure. Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of how very lucky we are.

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  1. Umm, we're working on that heated pool and spa thing...How about a baby pool with a piece of aluminum foil on top??? So glad it's going well for you!