Sunday, July 5

Things heard around our house...

Will's language is taking off!

This weekend, we've heard:
  • "I tired."
  • "I need help!"
  • "I stuck."
  • and the most recent..."Stay."

Up until very recently, Will was a one-word kind of guy. He would label and request things most frequently, all with one word. We also would hear phrases like thank you, and all right, but never any real sentences, so this was exciting.

The last one ("Stay") needs some explanation, and I could use some advice. Will has decided that it is great fun to run into my next door neighbor's house through her back screen door. It is usually unlocked because she is outside with her boys at the same time I'm out with my kids while they all play. Will apparently discovered that her boys have Thomas videos, and he's been liking Thomas all of a sudden. Originally, I think it was to go looking for videos, but now it seems it is a game, and I'm out of ideas to get him to stop.

Tonight, as I went and got him off of their back deck for the millionth time, he took my hand and walked me into the backyard. Once we got so far, he stopped, turned and told me to "Stay" as he ran back toward the house. LOL!!

I'd love some help with this one. I'm stuck for ideas.

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