Friday, July 10

Saying "Yes" to my Kids this Summer

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Right now at the moment, C is finger knitting. She wants to make something like what's pictured above, and I've promised to buy her some really cool fuzzy yarn. Instructions are at Craftzine, complete with pictures.

Later, we're going to the pool. Tomorrow, we're hoping to go to the local market and buy some fresh peppers to pickle since the kids are eating all of ours before we have enough to make a batch!

This summer is about saying "yes" to things that they want to try...things I might have said no to in the past due to lack of time or mess. We're also focusing on a "handmade" summer...making more of our food from scratch as well as doing some fun, crafty stuff.

It is easy to get tied up in the everyday life, particularly when we have so many appointments with Will. I've found that slowing down in the summer and taking time off of most therapies and doctors gives us a great way to do some things we don't ordinarily get to do.

I plan to do more posts on the ideas we've found on the web in case you are interested in trying some yourself! Stay tuned.

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