Monday, September 14

Day out with Thomas

Will and I had some one on one time last weekend, just the two of us. It was nice considering most of the one on one time he's ever gotten has been therapies and doctor appointments. My husband and I are making a huge effort to make sure that each child gets some special time, and it has really helped.

Will loved Thomas. I think he was totally amazed that he was seeing him in person, live, attached to a train that he got to ride. It was so cute! He also really enjoyed the gift shop (surprise, surprise) and attached himself to a motorized Thomas that I bought. (Of course. I'm such a sucker when this kid decides he REALLY wants something.)

The rest of the weekend was spent at Caroline's soccer games and a pub crawl in honor of my nephew. It was great! I really enjoyed watching C is so much fun seeing these kids go from little lollipop leaguers to kids who can actually play!

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