Monday, September 21

The Great Phone Experiment

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I've talked before about how we adopted Norah from Vietnam last December, and how we did this on faith that God would provide the resources we needed. Once we move some money around here soon, we will be about halfway through paying our adoption debt off using Dave Ramsey's method.

Last night was budget crunch time. We are trying to go hard core...mainly because kids with special needs can be so expensive! When we budgeted last night, we realized that between Will's PROMPT therapy, ABA therapy which we are adding next week, and his mito supplements, he is costing us a small house payment. No wonder we never have any money!

We run a pretty tight ship here already, but decided our cell phones were one place that we could save some cash. We read about pay-as-you-go Tracfones, and I think we are going to give it a shot. Currently, we spend about $80/month on our two cell phones using one of the cheapest plans around. We use less than a third of our minutes each month.

When we checked out the tracfones, it seemed as though we could spend a total of $250 for the year, and this includes buying two phones.

So...original cost: $960/year
Change to Tracfone: $250/year

If we can pull it off, that's a savings of $710 for the year! I'll update on how it goes!

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  1. Ugh, where we live we had horrible service with Tracfone. They couldn't even turn my phone on after I tried to upgrade it! So I switched to Verizon prepay, I think it was about the same price and I can actually get a signal nearly everywhere.

    I do agree that a prepay phone is the way to go if you only need a cell phone for emergencies. I don't even have cell service at my house, so that's why I had to get a prepay.